Loose ice for live events

How much loose ice do you need for your event? Tons for your tennis tournament? A plethora for your pop festival? Millions of cubes for your marathon?

We supply 12kg bags of crushed ice and ice cubes for live events – typically sporting or entertainment occasions. With a company focus on customer service and 30 years’ experience in events management, we deliver reliably and cost-effectively, every time.

Try our calculator to estimate how much ice your event might need (though bear in mind that different groups have different needs).

Number of guests:
You will need aproximately ... of ice (12kg each)
Order by phone at 07770 695522 or Contact us to order

Ice for bar drinks

Your bar wants to keep up with the latest and coolest trends. We are the first supplier in the region to offer the latest bar ice sensations sweeping the UK, including:

  • Moon ball ice — perfect spheres of ice that not only look super-cool but actually melt more slowly than conventional cubes.
  • Ice blocks for shards — clear ice blocks for bar staff to chip into long-lasting shards.
  • Ice shards — if staff are too busy to chip ice blocks, we can supply pre-cut shards.

All three types of ice are slower to melt , helping to preserve a drink’s flavour for much longer than conventional ice cubes.

Please contact us to discuss your bar ice or event ice needs.