As cool as the ice they’re carved from, our vodka luges guarantee everyone has a great time. They last all night providing chilled drinks, warmed hearts and a bubbling atmosphere. We supply vodka luges to Bristol, Swindon, Oxford and beyond!

The luge is created by skilfully drilling through one of our ice sculptures. Vodka (or other alcohol shot) are poured into the top. They arrive at the bottom of the channel, delivered directly to a shot glass or mouth!

Whether it’s for a wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, you want your luge to have maximum impact. So, unlike some competitors, our luges are carved from large 100 x 50 cm blocks – well, you want people to talk about it, don’t you?

Choose the design that sums you up – or why not have your initials turned into a luge, so the drinks really are on you.